Transnational Herring Workshop

At March 12th until March 13th the Coastal Union Germany and the Thuenen Institute of Baltic Fisheries (Germany) arranged the transnational HERRING workshop in Stralsund, Germany. Apart from the other project partners, the National Marine Fisheries Institute (Poland) and the World Maritime University (Sweden), various stakeholders from governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGO) of all three countries participated.

The project partners presented the preliminary results of the research that has been carried out in the individual case study areas. Besides of the examined ecological parameters that influence herring spawning, this included first analyses of the network between relevant actors for an integrated coastal zone management. These presentations were then used as a basis for discussion. The main aim of the workshop was the identification of best practice approaches and recommendations for a sustainable management of coastal spawning grounds. Therefore the discussions and ideas of such a diverse group of stakeholders from three different countries proved to be very fruitful.

The Agenda of the workshop is available for download.

The presentation of the three case study areas that were given by the project partners can also be downloaded.