Project Reports

The Impact Report presents the research about the ecological conditions of herring spawning grounds in the case study areas and what present and future challenges they face.

Fey, D., Hiller, A., Margonski, P., Moll, D., Nilsson, H., Pongolini, L., Stybel, N. & Szymanek, L.: HERRING - Impact Report, Herring spawning areas - present and future challenges, Coastline Web 4 (2014), ISSN 2193-4177,
ISBN 978-3-939206-12-5

The Governance Report presents the research about the governance framework in which the various aspects and sectors that are relevant for spawning ground management are embedded.

Strehlow, H.V., Fey, D., Lejk, A., Lempe, F., Nilsson, H., Psuty, I & Szymanek, L.: HERRING - Governance Report, Herring network institutions and governance, Coastline Web 5 (2014), ISSN 2193-4177, ISBN 978-3-939206-13-2

HERRING book: The Synthesis Report, is a synthesis of the Impact and Governance Report. The Synthesis Report is layoutet and printed as a readerfriendly book to not only appeal to scientists and policy makers, but also to the interested public and stakeholders.

Pongolini, L. & Nilsson, H. (eds.): HERRING - An analysis of spawning ground management, ecological conditions and human impacts in Greifswald Bay, Vistula Lagoon and Hanö Bight, (2014), ISBN 978-91-637-7839-1

The Desktop Study Report links management of natural coastal resources to socioeconomic development.

Nilsson, H., Fey, D., Margonksi, P., van Laak, M., Stybel, N.: Desktop Study Report - Linking management of natural coastal resources to socioeconomic development (2015)