Project Poster Presentations

The HERRING posters are available in English, Polish and German language. The posters are intended to be displayed on the numerous herring events that take place along the Baltic coast during the spawning season (March-June). The posters provide a better understanding of herring for the broad public that visit these events.

Poster in English language

Poster in German language

Poster in Polish language


EUCC-D prepared three roll-up displays which provide information, not only about the project HERRING, but also give general information about the Southern Baltic Sea, and herring as an important resource of the Southern Baltic Sea. All three displays adress the broad public and are intended to be used beyond project HERRING to inform and raise awareness.

The Southern Baltic Sea

Herring - an important species of the Southern Baltic Sea

The transnational HERRING project


The World Maritime University prepared a project poster for the LITTORAL 2014 poster session and tne transnational HERRING Symposium in Klaipeda. The poster focuses more on hering as a cultural heritage in the Southern Baltic region, but also highlights challenges and approaches for a better practice in the management of coastal spawning grounds

Poster for the transnational HERRING symposium