Herring events along the Baltic coast

The appreciation of herring as a cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea region is shown by the numerous events and festivities that are held in the name of herring. Many villages and cities organize so called “herring days” or “herring festivals” during the spawning season which is usually from March to June. Hence the date of the events mostly varies from year to year. Popular herring festivals along the Baltic coast are:

  • Koserower Heringsfest (Usedom). Usually early-mid. April
  • Mönchguter Heringsfest in Göhren-Rügen. Always first weekend in May
  • Warnemünde Heringtage. Usually early April
  • Altefährer Heringsfest (Rügen). Always 1st May
  • Heringsfest in Rade and Rendsburg (nord-Ostsee-Kanal). On two weekends in March and April
  • Wismarer Heringstage. Usually end of March-beginning of April
  • Heringsfest Fischereihafen Stahlbrode. Usually mid of April