HERRING Case Study Areas

South Baltic waters provide spawning and nursery habitats for populations of two important herring stocks: the Western Baltic Spring Spawning herring and the herring of the Central Baltic.

To account for this, the project selected the following regional coastal case study areas:

Map of HERRING Case Study Areas
Map of HERRING Case Study Areas

Following the project’s structure, activities in the case study areas take a look at the condition of their ecosystems and the main human drivers and stressors that may affect its function as herring spawning areas.

In addition, the existing governance and management structures in the areas are analysed to identify possible gaps or conflicts but also good management practice. 

Results will be exchanged and compared between the German, the Polish and the Swedish case study areas to learn from best-practice and to identify possible policy intervention points. Lithuanian partners will be invited to particiate at the exchange.

By bringing together relevant stakeholders, the project will work on the development of improved forms of resource governance, supporting the sustainable management of South Baltic coastal waters.